Blogging and Popplet

On Saturday’s class I enjoyed learning about Poppet. It is a program that is new to me, and I was excited to learn that it is available on the website without downloading anything. When I got home from the course on Saturday I was fooling around with Popplet and I used it to create a Popplet to explain Twitter to my staff. I am excited to share my Twitter Popplet with my staff at my staff meeting on Wednesday, as well as a new program that they can use with their students. My goal this week is to use Popplet with my kindergarten students…Maybe brainstorming things we see in the fall…

This weekend I also set up my classroom blog on You can visit it at It took a while to figure out where all the buttons were on the wordpress dashboard, but I was able to add my newsletter, and my Twitter feed, and it is ready for parents! I have already shared some of the new programs and websites with my kindergarten staff at school.

I tried to embed the Popplet I made…but it’s not showing up… Until I figure it out, here is the link.


2 thoughts on “Blogging and Popplet

  1. Wow Alexandra. Not one but 2 blogs. It’s great to see you jump in with both feet. Let me know how the talk about Twitter goes at your staff meeting.

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