This past Wednesday I presented Twitter to my staff, and explained why Twitter is excellent for educators to use, and it is amazing for communicating to parents.  Before the staff meeting, the principal told everyone to bring their own devices, because we would be using them in the staff meeting.  I presented Twitter using the Twitter Popplet I created last week.  Afterwords, I gave everyone about 20 minutes to log onto their own devices, and begin to create a Twitter account.  Only one staff member was able to get onto their device and set up an account, the other staff members were not quite sure how to logon to the PDSB wifi, this turned into another lesson.  This may be a lunch and learn that we should have so everyone knows how to hook up to the wifi!

This week in my classroom I continued to use Twitter to communicate what is happening in my classroom to the parents of students in my class.  We had our first talk about internet safety last week, when I introduced our classroom Twitter account to the students.  This week we continued to talk about why it’s important to cover our faces online, and why we don’t write our names.  The students in my class have become very creative in hiding their faces when they ask me to take a picture of them and post it on Twitter (e.g., covering it with their hands, turning backwards).  Having a classroom Twitter account is an amazing tool! Parents love seeing what their child is doing throughout the day, the students enjoy making things and talking about what they have made so their teachers can post it on Twitter, and I love that parents and students are having a conversation about school and what they did when they get home. Not to mention the great ideas that I get from other educators around the world!


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  1. Very interesting blog. I am very apprehensive about setting up twitter and connecting to students or parents through this medium. It sounds like that it’s working for you and maybe I should look into it.

    I think I am just looking for a program that perfectly fits my wants…maybe office 365?

    • The downside with Office 365 is that parents don’t have access to it… Not yet anyways… Twitter is great and fast! Today for example I posted “Field trip money is due Friday!” And I took a picture of our class on our nature walk and posted that as well. Parents love it! We have had so much positive feedback during our open house! Have I sold you on Twitter yet?

  2. Fantastic! It’s amazing that you’re students are making global connections through Twitter. As well, I’m sure that your parents appreciate seeing what their children are up to on a daily basis.

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  4. Very cool stuff Alex (not Ali!). There are a number of teachers in my school who are using it to connect with both students and parents. I think it’s a great idea. I know OSSTF (not sure about ETFO) discourages this sort of communication, but that policy seems very outdated. Good for you for taking it on! I’d love to talk to you about this further.

    • So I just got around to reading this link – it was pretty funny! I could totally see myself there when I first started using Twitter thinking “What the heck is this all about?”.. but now… It’s sad to say that I am addicted. Haha.

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