Creative Commons and Copyright

On Tuesday Nelson, Sarah, Meghan, Dave and I used an app called ShowMe to explain Copyright and Creative Commons.  We ran out of time, and only got through a little bit.  Here is the link to our ShowMe.

Creative commons is a set of rules creators of creative works, such as photos, blog content, music and videos place on their work.  These rules tell people if they can use the work, and what they can use it for (e.g. if they have permission to alter it, post it on a blog) as long as they credit the original creator of the work.  Copyright law gives the creator the right to copy, alter or distribute the work or give permission to others to do so.  Copyright_Matters is a book which goes over the different rules for Copyright, and talks about fair use, where teachers and educators have a different set of Copyright rules.  Educators may use a variety of different works (music, information from the web, pictures) as long as they are shared in the classroom, or online behind a ‘wall’ (not publicly accessible).

As a teacher, I think it is important that we teach out students how to use information that they find online, and how to find creative commons licensed photos.  In school students learn to credit the authors of books and content they find online, but I’m not sure that students know to credit the creator of photos, videos and blog content.  Since blogs are becoming more and more popular, it is important that we teach students where to find Creative Commons licensed material.

To learn more about Creative Commons, visit the website.

Check out this site for Creative Commons Music! 14 Websites To Find Free Creative Commons Music (


2 thoughts on “Creative Commons and Copyright

  1. Thank you so much for posting this Alex!! I hope it is okay that I stole the weblink and posted it on my blog too. It was a pleasure working with you and I really enjoyed the app you showed us! Thanks again!

  2. I agree with your comment about how students are taught how to source authors in books and websites but not to give credit to authors of images. I know I was not taught this during high school or even university. Honestly, last tuesday in class was the first time I really gave it much thought! Think about how many times students will have pictures in their powerpoint, Prezi presentation and other online works. They will be using a large amount of pictures in their work. I agree, we need to teacher students where to find Creative Commons images and how to source them correctly.

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