Peel Unconference

Today I went to the Peel Unconference, and I learned so much! I was so excited to be in a place where so many educators wanted to share and learn about technology in the classroom! Before the sessions started I posted my Twitter handle on the wall so I could connect with other Twitter users at the unconference. I use my Twitter account to communicate with parents, and not so much to connect with other educators…It got me thinking that I need to start a personal Twitter account that I can use to connect with other educators and share ideas!

During the first session I was interested in learning about Genius Hour.  I had no idea what Genius Hour was, and so I found myself listening to most of the conversation instead of participating.  I’m not going to go into detail about Genius Hour, but there is a whole website dedicated to it! So check it out here.  In a nutshell, Genius Hour is a time where students are given the chance to work on a project of their own interest.  We talked about what this looks like in a vareity of different grades.  In Kindergarten, Genius Hour happens all day everyday! Children are able to explore their own interests, and the teachers and and the ECEs help link their learning to the Kindergarten Program.

For the second session I went to the room where educators were talking and exploring Sharepoint.  I noticed today on my email that there was this HUGE warning about Sharepoint and Office365…so I thought I better check it out.  I learned so much in this session!  I created a workspace and added my Kindergarten team, I even began to upload some shared files! I’m so excited to share this information with my team on Monday! This is a great online space where educators can share information, post files and presentations, collaborate and discuss.  Today my job is to logon to my Sharepoint and play around with the workspace… Also I ‘followed’ people on Office365, but I now need to add them to Sharepoint! During this session I also had a side conversation about Twitter.  I learned how to make a Twitter List… Twitter Lists look like a great way to organize all those Tweets!


One thought on “Peel Unconference

  1. Sounds like you had a good morning. I’m glad you were able to make some connections and get some tools to support to your own teaching and collaboration.

    I haven’t thought about Kindergarten as being Genius Hour everyday, all day. It’s important to guide students to specific learning but I think we lose that curiosity and playfulness with learning too quickly after Kindergarten.

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