Digital Literacy

Footprints in a Digital Age, an article by Will Richardson talked about 21st Century learners leaving a digital footprint, an online portfolio of who they are and what they do with the new use of technology.  The article discussed the teacher’s role in preparing students to be able to create and navigate the online world effectively, ethically and safely.  In the 21st Century, teachers are considered co-learners, and are learning along side the students.  The article Publishers, Participants All had similarities to Footprints in a Digital Age as far as their definition of Digital Citizenship.  Both authors believed that we must teach our students to collaborate, communicate, problem solve, be reflective thinkers and encourage creativity.  I think that these 21st Century skills are so important so that we can prepare our students for their future.  This article made me think of a Kindergarten meeting I had, where the instructor talked about the job skills that employers are looking for. These job skills are what we should be teaching our students through the use of technology, to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, collaborative and creative.

At the school level I find that there is not much support yet, in terms of learning about digital citizenship.  I find that teachers and principals are still learning about the tools that we have at our school (e.g. The new ipads that just came in) and we are not thinking about the safety, or what is the best app for our students to work together and collaborate on a project, or teaching our students where to find information for a research project.  I know some teachers are feeling overwhelmed by the implementation of technology in our schools and I’m finding that there is not a lot of professional development or resources to support teachers in this journey.


One thought on “Digital Literacy

  1. I agree that their is little support at the school level regarding digital literacy and I think it has a lot to do with where teachers are in their learning of the digital world.

    Teaching needs to catch up to move forward, new board goals!

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