I recorded my first podcast last night discussing Badges in Education.   I had a hard time recording my podcast without mistakes, and found myself redoing it multiple times.  I’m sure that there is another program out there that would allow me to pause my recording, and talk over the part where I made a mistake… Ideas anyone?… It also took me a while to find a platform to use to record my podcast.  (Mostly because my computer did not have the flash that was needed to voice record).  I ended up using SoundCloud, because I could use the app on my iPad, and then access my recording on my computer.  I found this process similar to writing an essay.  I had to first do some research on Badges in Education.  I had never heard of them before, and had to research many websites and articles to get a variety of information to include in my podcast.  I also had to know how to use search engines, in order to find accurate information.  My podcast is also formed like an essay, it has an introduction a body and a conclusion.  I can see how podcasts could be like large essays (if they are multiple episodes long) or, like mine, a mini essay which was only 3 minutes.  After recording my own podcast and listening to a variety of different kinds on iTunes, and SoundCloud I can see the value in creating and using podcasts for educational purposes.  I like how they can be downloaded and listened anywhere, and can be revisited if the student needs clarification or missed something the first time.  Unlike lectures, where if you missed the information you can’t re-listen to it.


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