What is the purpose for using Twitter with students?

Twitter has been a great resource in my classroom! I use it in a variety of ways:

I use Twitter to inform parents of activities that we are doing in our classroom.  If we are playing with shaving cream, or painting with corn syrup I take a picture of it and post it on our Twitter account so parents are informed about our day (They also then know to expect their child to come home messy!).  It is a conversation piece for  my students, they go home and have a picture of what they did at school that they can discuss with their family.  We also use Twitter to post information about pizza days, upcoming assemblies etc. It helps save paper, and parents are informed immediately about activities happening at home.

If my students make or draw something at school, they often ask if I can take a picture of it to post to Twitter so that their family and friends can see their art or their creation.  Since my students are beginning to write, I often encourage them to add writing to their work.  The students use the keyboard on the iPad to type out “I mad a hws.” (I made a house), and then they post it to our Twitter page.

The students love interacting with the information on Twitter.  We have had lots of positive feedback from parents saying how much they enjoy seeing what their child did at school that day.  We post links to songs that we are singing, and sites that we visited – so students can bring them into their home and show them to their family and friends.

Students also scroll through the Twitter feed at school.  Since we are following other Kindergarten Twitter accounts, we get to see what other classrooms are doing, and the songs that they are singing.  We then get some ideas of things we would like to try in our classroom!

Students can interact with other students in other classrooms through Twitter in other parts of the world! It’s amazing to see the learning that has been happening by using Twitter in my classroom.

Here are some examples of how Twitter can be used in the classroom

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom




2 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Your blog on the use of Twitter in the Kindergarten classroom is really inspiring. It is good to know in detail how you are informing the parents, and sharing the students work and activities in an up to date way.

  2. I also started using Twitter this year, mainly using it as a tool to communicate with parents, and keep them informed. I found it especially helpful for one of the special needs students in my class, whose parents found it especially difficult to connect with him regarding his day at school. I find at times young children have the tendency to be tight-lipped about their day to day activities at school. Twitter has served as a great starting point to guide conversations about their day at school. I really hope to venture out, and make connections with other classrooms around the globe in the up-coming year. After taking this course, I now realize I’ve just skimmed the surface of tweeting! #babysteps

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