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I’m always looking for new ways to integrate technology into my classroom.  Today I looked at a variety of Art tools, and selected a tool to review which could be used in my Kindergarten classroom.  Destination Modern Art is a Web site for children ages five to eight. An interactive online gallery offers an introduction to The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and its affiliate, MoMA PS1. This site gives children the opportunity

  • to learn about works in MoMA’s collection and site-specific works at MoMA PS1
  • to look carefully at works of art
  • to learn about artists, their techniques, and their inspirations
  • to engage in online and at-home activities (Source)

The website allows students to travel through a digital art gallery, and browse through famous works of art.  After clicking on a work of art, students can then listen to a brief history about the author, listen to how the art was produced, play a few games and create their own art work in the same style as the artist.  I enjoyed exploring this website, I found that it was easy to use, and I loved that it had sound so all of the instructions were read aloud.

This tool/website could be utilized in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms. Since the site shows students how to create the art works, it could easily be incorporated into art in the classroom.  Students could use a variety of media tools to create art in different ways, and then share them with their classmates and the teacher.

Since this is a tool for gathering information, teachers will use it in conjunction with another tool or tools in order to assess their students on the task.  For example, students will use Destination Modern Art to learn about a new style of painting/art, and then bring their knowledge back to the classroom and create a new work of art.  They can then write a reflection, or a description of their work and share it with their class.


One thought on “Art Tool

  1. Very interesting post. I went onto the MoMA site to explore it and found it to be very interactive as you described. It’s a useful site for students of all ages, and would be great for those students who struggle with reading.

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