ICT & Assessment

Assessment in classrooms happens in many ways. ICT provides us with a variety of tools and hardware that can be used for assessment.  Assessment as and for learning provides students with ongoing descriptive feedback.  ICT gives teachers and students a place to record ongoing data, and pictures so teachers can look back on work and provide ongoing assessment and next steps.  Work samples, discussions, videos, and pictures can easily be documented now with the use of ICT, for example tablets, iPads, computers.  “A variety of assessment strategies and tools that meet the needs of all students are used to improve learning and inform instructional decisions (e.g., observations, demonstrations and presentations, projects, work samples, conversations, portfolios of student work).” (School Effectiveness Framework Pg. 11)  Teachers and students can use a tool to record students completing a task (e.g., reading, presenting), and play it back to students along with some descriptive feedback.  This allows students to take a look in the mirror, and reflect on their work so they can improve the next time they complete a similar task.


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