ISTE Standards

On January 22nd (Sorry this post is late! I just realized all of the things I need to post.) we reviewed the ISTE standards.  We used Popplet to come up with a plan to teach the ISTE standards to students.  Here is a link to the PDF file of our Popplet ISTE Professional Learning Plan.  After discussing the standards, and how we would teach them, we used Poll Everywhere to come up with a survey to find out how our students are using technology in their classrooms.  After creating the survey, we realized that Poll Everywhere would be a great tool to use if you wanted your audience to only complete one question at a time.  It was not appropriate for students to complete a whole survey of questions from home, since they need the phone number and information to text – and they are different for each question.  There wasn’t a way to embed our survey into the blog, so here it is in PDF format PollEverywhere.


Future Classroom Design

Digital Literacy Wordle

Future Classroom Wordle

This week we read a few articles on Education Reform and Future Classroom Design. This Toronto Star article, written in September discusses how technology is changing what classwork, and classrooms look like.  While roaming around on the Interweb I came across an article about collaborative spaces, which….is very long I must warm you, but it was very informative! (I must admit, I did only read the introduction…).  It discussed how classrooms are changing into more collaborative spaces in order to use technology to enhance and support student learning.  In the Wordle above, my classmates and I pulled out the key words that we found in our research in order to create this attention grabbing image!



This tweet has a great link to an ABC inquiry!

I wonder if I can embed Tweets from Twitter users who have protected accounts.

I’m going to try and embed one of the tweets from my class…

Graham Whisen

On Tuesday Graham Whiten came to our class as a guest speaker. He talked about creating a PLN (Professional Learning Network) through the use of social networks, such as Twitter. I am have been using Twitter for about the past year or so with my personal account and I have just been lurking around seeing what educators are doing, and getting some great ideas. I need to step up my game, and begin retweeting, and sharing what I am doing in my classroom to become more involved in my learning. I also have my class Twitter account, which I use very often to Tweet about my day and to share what is happening with the parents of the students in my class. While Graham was discussing Twitter it got me thinking about a site that someone had shared on Twitter about the 10 Stages of Twitter (I feel as if I’ve said Twitter enough times in this post).  Read through it and see what stage you are at!

When I am standing in line at the grocery store I am reading Twitter, it is the best few minutes of Professional Development that I may get all year! I am able to connect with educators from around the word, get ideas and share best practices.  I would like to start using my Twitter account more with my students, and maybe connect with a class at another school.

Last week Reza showed us how to use iMovie, and immediately I paid the $4.99 and bought it on my iPad!  My 4 and 5 year olds were able to use the iPad by themselves to create a trailer that they shared with our class. As soon as I figure out how to blur the faces on iMovie on my iPad I will post my video. (If anyone knows, let me know!)